Arlington MA: Monthly Real Estate Market Update - November 2023

A summary of Arlington Real Estate Market activity and insights for the past month:

Arlington's real estate market is witnessing intriguing trends as we compare the year-to-date figures of 2023 to 2022. Single-family homes are seeing a 9.75% climb in average list prices, currently at $1,394,879, despite a 33.33% drop in inventory, suggesting a seller's market. Sales prices have slightly adjusted, with a modest decrease to $1,236,719, reflecting a nuanced negotiation space for buyers.

The condo market reveals a sharp 59.38% decrease in listings, with the average list price gently softening by 3.15% to $908,131. However, sales prices have moved in favor of sellers, up by 6.36% to $848,980, indicating a resilient value retention.

Multifamily homes stand out with an impressive 81.63% surge in list prices, now at an average of $2,762,250. Sales prices have also seen an uptick, albeit a slight 0.52% increase, showing a balanced market dynamic.

Expired listings (EXP) remain steady for single-family homes but have seen a 15% decrease in condos and a 23.08% decrease in multifamily homes, reflecting tighter market conditions.

For sellers in Arlington, the message is clear: your property's value is holding strong. Buyers, meanwhile, must navigate these waters with an eye for value and an urgency that matches the market's pace. Partner with a seasoned real estate advisor to capitalize on these trends for your next strategic move.

Curious about the Arlington, MA real estate scene? Our November update offers insights on Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Multi-Family Homes.

Interested? Stay informed, whether you're buying, selling, or just browsing.

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