What is Your Real Estate Communication Style?

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As a real estate agent, I have worked with many buyers and sellers with a broad range of communication styles.


Generally speaking, people have about four communication styles:

Analytic:  logical, precise, dependable and well-organized. They need lots of data and an understanding of processes

Driver: decisive, action-oriented and goal-setters. They typically love action plans!

Amiable: like to get along with everyone, avoid conflict and tend to have a team focus, which helps them work well with others.

Expressive: big picture thinkers, high energy but low attention to detail.  Real Estate transaction have lots of important details, be careful not to miss them!


Most people are not rigidly placed in one style and may have some traits in common with the other types.


When you begin to choose a Real Estate Agent to help you buy or sell a home, begin by assessing your communication style.  You can then pick and agent who either matches that style or complements it in some way

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